Paid, Earned, and Owned

Paid, Earned, Owned. What is it? Let’s start from the bottom up- or at least what I think the bottom up is.

Owned Media

Owned media is any content or channel that a brand owns. For instance, if you were to have an Instagram account and create all of the content from scratch then you own it. Other examples of owned media are websites, apps, platforms, stadiums- this only applies to the original owner of the media. If Heinz decides to host a campaign at Yankee Stadium for instance then that would not be a form of owned media because they don’t own Yankee Stadium. It’s all relative to the owner.

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Earned Media

Earned media is any promotion or traction a brand has received through means that they did not pay for. A few examples are word-of-mouth referrals, mentions in the media or someone’s blog, voluntary, unpaid product reviews, and any other type of unpaid media impression. Basically, anything the brand hasn’t paid for that promotes the brand organically. Earned media might just be the best type of media because it means your product or service is so worth mentioning that the consumer just couldn’t resist sharing. Like me with Windows Phone. Always. Shout out to the OG Nokia Lumias.

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Paid Media

Now for paid media. Paid media is any attention towards a brand that is purchased. This is in the form of sponsored posts, banner ads, print and out of home advertisements, paid influencers, radio spots, and more. So if you’re wondering why you keep getting those random messages on LinkedIn, look a little closer. It just might be sponsored inmail.

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