What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is an online tool that helps locate trending stories in various industries. For instance, users can discover trending content in tech, politics, or business. From there users can see how popular each story is, specific to each social media platform.

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Users can also set up keyword alerts to be notified whenever new and relevant content becomes available.

Some of the features of Buzzsumo include content discovery, content research, find influencers, monitoring and tracking of online activity, and APIs. Use case categories listed on Buzzsumo’s website are: Competitor Intelligence, Content Strategy, Crisis Alerting, Digital PR, Influencer Marketing, and Video Marketing. 

The Competitor Intelligence features allow users to study how a competitor’s content is performing and also receive alerts whenever that competitor is mentioned online. This is very useful in comparing how competitors may be performing in comparison to the user’s product, service, or brand. This also helps the user analyze where competitors are having success and where disaster has stricken in order to learn and benefit from this success or avoid making the same mistakes.  

Buzzsumo’s Content Strategy functionality provides filters that help users identify popular stories and stories that are up and coming. Filters to locate content include time period, social network, content type, domain name, and author. Users can also search by typing. Advanced operators ensure search queries are efficient and only include keywords that will get users the best results.

Crisis Alerting lets users know when things have hit the fan in their industry and when they might need to address certain issues. This feature also provides alerts for when competitors are in trouble which provides an opportunity to swoop in and save the day. Crisis Alerting also lets the user know if they have a crisis of their own.

The Influencer Marketing functionality of Buzzsumo allows brands to locate influencers that pair well with them in order to foster the best possible success. Social media platforms that can be scanned for influencers are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Buzzsumo also allows brands to scan for and identify the general interests of each influencer in relation to their daily lives. Buzzsumo alerts their users when influencers post content.

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